This whole dinner was vegetarian! I was very proud of myself when I decided to become a vegetarian. It’s been three months so far. What really surprises me is that some of my friends who were vegs before me aren’t anymore! One of my bestfriends (I’m on Skype with her right now!!) turned vegetarian, inspired by me. And then her father came home with KFC. Needless to say, she is no longer anti-meat.
It really bothers me how animals around the world are treated. In all fairness, most people that eat mean aren’t even aware of the atrocities that go on to put that meat on their plates. Let me open up your eyes to the problems:
1. The conditions/enclosings that farm animals are kept in are NOT nice.
2.Did you know that in dairy factories the chicks are hatched on a conveyor belt? The minute the employees determine the chicks’ sex, the females are tossed into bins for eggs and the males are tossed into chicken grinders. That’s right, CHICKEN GRINDERS. They are alive, and they’re tossed in there minutes after being brought into this world. Cruel, isn’t it?? And that’s not even the half of it.


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